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Dead cat bounce nearing completion


You can skip to the charting, at 7:58 to 15:47

Learned how to add an email newsletter subscription form

I have struggled making an email newsletter subscription in Rapidweaver.  I tried a stack that didn’t work, then I bought Post Office by and still I could not get it to work.  Frustrated, I went with a widget, by and the free one only works for one site.  I like the way it scrolls with the page, so I will keep using it on  Since I want to minimize monthly costs, I ended up contacting my web host and text chatting with them on why the Post Office Stack would not work. Well they found the problem and helped me get it working.  I now can add an email newsletter subscription on all my websites at the bottom of the page.

I needed a way to have people “unsubscribing” from my newsletter I plan to mail out and post office by Joe Workman is the only tool that I can find to do that.
At some point, I may make an online assembly or “church” and an email subscription would be useful to contact people to “join in” on the scripture reading.
But for now I need to finish adding the Aleph Tav’s to the scriptures and start advertising a little more, to spread the WORD!

Generating revenue from websites to spread the WORD.

Hello there,

In my desire to spread the word of Ahayah, Yasha, Pagan Terms and the Torah Law, it costs money.  My websites are expensive.  While sales of the scriptures are growing, the money keeps being reinvested.  
I have inquired about putting up a banner ad with, but the site doesn’t meet guidelines, probably because its a religious site promoting the truth.  I have tried advertising on adsense, but it requires a USA mailing address and I live in Canada.
So today I have found a solution, to generate more revenue from people whom decide to not buy the scriptures.  I have found a banner advertising site that pays quite well for sales, 50-75% commission.  I have started with primarily diet ads and other non-offensive things that might generate alternate interest from non-buyers of the scriptures.  All I can do is spread the WORD and not everyone is interested in finding out the TRUTH at this time.  Sometimes they come back when times get tough, etc.  
My sites generate 1200 clicks a month right now, because I am not paying much for ads.  If I can generate more sales, I could afford to plow that back into more expensive Taboola banner advertising on  I’d like to be able to reach millions of users and this is a baby step to increasing exposure.

This Chart Show that Stock Market Can Drop by More Than 73% (Sooner Than You Think)

Stock market continues to show weakness in many sectors, as many leading index funds are officially in the bear market, dropped by 20% or more. In this video I will take you though some brief history about recent two recessions and explain why this up coming recession could be bigger

They don’t have as much room to maneuver, they can’t drop the interest rates much, they said they are stopping QE Quantitative Easing.  So what is next, which would push up the markets?  I see only down as the way to go.

How the stock market works (Chart)

We are just in the Complacency portion of the graph, there is a lot of room for the stocks to drop.  Dead cat bounce.

Did not celebrate Christmas this year.

Since I now know that Christmas is a celebration to a Babylonian God of Tammuz, I refused to celebrate it.  My parents drove over here today and gave me a pair of socks and some nuts to nibble on.  I did not buy them any gifts this year, but I hope to give them something on Purim

CN Rail lining up pilot plant partners to make oilsands bitumen pucks

December 27, 20183:34 PM

Well they are finally implementing the pellet and puck process of shipping bitumen by rail or ocean liner.

Venezuelans turn to witchcraft and grave robbing

Published on Dec 21, 2018
That country is going downhill fast.  Selling dead bones, stealing rings.  There is nothing left.

Figured out how to put a spinning globe on my site

Now the hits will look low, but they will fill in with time.

Found a KFC chicken recipe

KFC Kosher or not?
I love KFC, in Israel they don’t use milk in the coating.  For one thing KFC is not boiled in milk, or water, it is simply dipped, then fried in oil.  Secondly its a fully grown chicken not a young goat and the milk used comes from a cow.

Exodus 23:19 The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring into the house of Ahâyâh thy Ahla-Hayam. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk.

(of a liquid) bubble up as a result of being boiled.
1.INFORMAL a child or young person.
synonyms: child, youngster, little one, baby, toddler, tot, infant, boy/girl, young person, minor, juvenile, adolescent, teenager, youth, stripling; More
2. a young goat.
1. (of a goat) give birth.
KFC Chicken recipe.
2 whole chickens (Small work best)
1 litre – 1 quart peanut oil (or other good frying oil)
4 eggs (whites only)
A splash of milk 
Herb and Spice Mixture
2/3 tbsp salt
1/2 tbsp thyme
1/2 tbsp basil
1/3 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp celery salt
1 tbsp black pepper
1 tbsp dried mustard
4 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp garlic salt
1 tbsp ground ginger
3 tbsp white pepper
2 cups of flour
Step 1
Break up the chickens into pieces with the bones. (watch video )
Step 2
In a mixing bowl, combine all the above mixture ingredients.
Step 3
In another bowl, separate the yolks away from whites keeping only the whites (use yolks for another recipe). Add a splash of milk and whisk together.
Step 4
Bring your deep frying oil to 300°F – 150°C (you can go a little higher as chicken will cool it down, but bring it back to that temperature once cooking)
Step 5
Dip each chicken piece in the egg white, then the flour mix, repeat process for double coating.  Carefully fry the chicken pieces no more than four at a time. You can do more if you have a larger fryer. (try and maintain that same temperature).
Step 6
Remove and leave to drip on a wire rack

Purchase Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures without Pagan Terms
Pagan Terms Removed Sitemap
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There are plenty more terms in the scriptures that are PAGAN (SATANIC) which you use everyday.

Reading CLEAN SCRIPTURES will help train you to follow the REAL CREATOR & HIS wishes!

Only the YASHA AHAYAH SCRIPTURES fixes all the pagan idols and false GODS, so that you follow and worship the REAL CREATOR & HIS wishes!

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